gleam1 [gli:m] v
1.) to shine softly
= ↑glimmer
His teeth gleamed under his moustache.
gleam with
The wooden panelling was gleaming with wax polish.
2.) if your eyes or face gleam with a feeling, they show it
= ↑glint gleam with
He laughed, his eyes gleaming with amusement.
>gleaming[i] adj
gleaming white walls
WORD CHOICE: gleam, glint, glisten, glitter, glow
All these words mean 'to shine' but are used in slightly different ways.
gleam is used especially of smooth clean surfaces that shine : She polished the car until it gleamed. | gleaming white teeth
glint means to shine brightly with a small flash of light. It is used especially of shiny metals : Her jewellery glinted in the sun.
glisten is used of wet or oily surfaces that shine : The wet streets glistened.
glitter means to shine brightly with many small flashes of light : the glittering frost
glow means to shine with a warm soft steady light. It is often used of things that give off heat : The coal in the fireplace was still glowing.
gleam 2
gleam2 n
[: Old English; Origin: glAm]
1.) a small pale light, especially one that shines for a short time
= ↑glimmer gleam of
They saw a sudden gleam of light.
2.) the brightness of something that shines
= ↑glint gleam of
the gleam of gold and diamonds
3.) an emotion or expression that appears for a moment on someone's face
gleam of
She saw a gleam of amusement in his eyes.
Rose looked at me with a furious gleam in her eyes.
4.) sth is a gleam in sb's eye
used to say that something is being planned or thought about, but does not yet exist
In those days, CD-ROMs were still just a gleam in the eye of some young engineer.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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